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7 Hatton Street

London NW8 8PL

KREOD Architecture Ltd

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We believe that architecture is inclusive and highly collaborative. Our innovative application of experience and knowledge sharing enable us to create design solutions - aesthetically, functionally, and environmentally friendly.


Architecture is our passion; we are committed to hands on experience, research and the use of advanced technologies to engage with sustainability and to all aspects of the creation of great architecture.”


Chun Qing Li - Founder


KREOD Architecture is highly creative collective - a meritocracy where the best ideas are promoted, developed and delivered.


KREOD Architecture is an award winning design practice, which was founded by Chun Qing Li in 2011. It works with some of the most creative and forward thinking people in the development and design business world.


Over the past few years, KREOD Architecture has established a reputation for bold ideas that fuse conceptual rigour with commercial viability. Its innovative application of experience and knowledge sharing, enable us to create design solutions with an intrinsic beauty and a strong individual identity.


Based in London and Xi'an, the team come from a wide range of diverse cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds and work in a highly dynamic professional environment.